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Help Stop Crime with WeTip

Make a Report by Phone or Online

Report crimes to WeTip phone at 1(800)78-CRIME or at WeTip Online.

Total Anonymity

When you call the WeTip hotline, the first words you will hear from the tip operator will be, This is the WeTip crimeline, please do not give your name. The operator will then ask a series of questions, designed by law enforcement, to obtain the maximum amount of information about the reported crime. After the information is taken, a code name and number are assigned to the informant. The caller always remains absolutely anonymous.

How To Report A Crime

  1. Call the WeTip number. Do not give your name. A code name and number will be assigned to you.
  2. The WeTip operator will take the information and pass it on to appropriate law officers who then conduct their own investigation. Only calls made directly to WeTip will be eligible for reward.
  3. If your information results in an arrest and conviction, you will be given up to $1,000 cash, depending upon the importance of the crime solved. Again, your identity will never be know to anyone.


Cash rewards of up to $1,000 are given upon verified reports from law enforcement that WeTip information was received prior to arrest and that the information was helpful in the arrest and conviction. The reward drop is made at a secret postal location, using the assigned code names and case numbers. No personal contact is ever made with the informant.