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Student Services Information

Contact Sean Diaz  Sean Diaz (909) 949-7880 ex: 321 Assistant Principal, Student Services, Activities & Athletics
Contact Brian Chavez  Brian Chavez (909) 949-7880 ex: 336 Student Services Director
Contact Laura McMullen  Laura McMullen (909) 949-7880 ex: 310 Student Services Director
Contact Nancy Butler  Nancy Butler (909) 949-7880 ex: 355 Student Services Administrative Assistant
Contact Elizabeth Correa  Elizabeth Correa (909) 949-7880 ex: 350 Secretary
Attendance Tips
Student Conduct handbook

Upland High School follows progressive steps in assigning disciplinary consequences for rule violations.  Our goal is not to punish, but to change negative behavior.  Students are expected to follow all rules and policies outlined in the California State Education Code, the UUSD Parent and Student Handbook and the Upland High School Policy Pages.  These policy pages are the first step in this process and constitute your warnings.

Major infractions may result in immediate removal from Upland High School on the first offense.

Any violation of school or district policy may result in a disciplinary referral.  If a student accumulates five referrals during the school year, he/she may be placed on probationary status. Probationary status is from quarter to quarter. Each quarter ends as follows:  2 November (1st), 25 January (2nd), 12 April (3rd), 14 June (last)

 Reasons for referrals (this is not an inclusive list):

Defiance of Authority   




Dress Code 





Out of Bounds




No Show to Detention

Three tardies to any one class

      Cell Phone/Electronic Devices

Once on probationary status, the student will be subject to one or more of the following:

  • Loss of parking privilege
  • Exclusion from attending dances, rallies and school activities
  • Exclusion from graduation ceremony
  • Removal or suspension from extra-curricular activities
  • Pay restitution
  • Community service to the school

In order to be removed from probationary status, the parent, student and Discipline Director will determine a program of positive actions to be completed so that the student may resume regular status.  Probationary status carries over from year to year.

In order to regain regular standing, students must complete one or more of the following for each referral (time of service to be determined and verified by Director):

  • Increase quarter grades by one full GPA point
  • No referrals for a quarter
  • Work with a teacher on a project
  • Attend tutoring
  • Assist special education students
  • Assist athletic facilities/custodial staff
  • Attend counseling through social work intern
  • Attend social group counseling
  • Find and work with a staff mentor
  • Perfect attendance for a month
  • Assist a coach or athletic trainer
  • Write a behavior reflection paper

Saturday School/Detentions

  • Students are responsible for notifying their parents/guardians
  • Students must bring a current photo ID, school work, and a reading book
  • Late students will not be admitted and it will be considered a failure to serve
  • Rescheduling must be done by the end of the Friday before the assigned date
  • Rescheduling may only be done once and by the person who assigned it
  • Failure to serve detention will result in one day of Saturday School

****Students who are unprepared for Saturday School (No books, paper etc) will be placed on work detail for the duration. *****

Note: Any student who has unserved Saturday School/s are not permitted to participate in school actitivites (i.e. Prom, Homecoming)


  • Student and parents are notified, and a parent conference may be scheduled
  • Student is responsible for missed assignments
  • Students may not participate in any school activity or event during the suspension period
  • Parents may request homework

Note: Students are not permited on campus during supension period unless authorized by Director or administration

Discipline Interventions (this is not an inclusive list):

  1. Parent phone call

  2. Teacher assigned consequence

  3. Parent conference

  4. Group counseling

  5. Detention

  6. Student Success Class

  7. Suspension

  8. Placement on probation

  9. Parenting classes

  10. Referral to school resource officer

  11. Community service

  12. Transfer or expulsion

  13. Progressive Discipline Plan

The purpose of progressive discipline at Upland High School is to teach students appropriate behaviors so that they may be successful in the learning environment. Implementing specific behavioral interventions with the incorporation of our Positive Behavior Support (PBS), while working with parents as partners in the process is critical in supporting student responsibility and success.

Teachers should maintain accurate documentation as student disciplinary concerns arise.

Level 1: Warning

Warnings are given by the teacher as a means of redirecting inappropriate student behavior and directly teaching behavior expectations.

Level 1 warnings are classroom level interventions.

Level 2: Warning with Level 2 Intervention

Warning given by teacher and documented.

Student issued Level 2 Intervention such as detention.

Phone call made to parent and documented.

Level 2 interventions are classroom-based with documentation and mandatory parent contact.

Level 3: Referral with Documentation

Teacher sends student to Discipline Director with completed referral form e-mailed or hand delivered.

Parent phone call by teacher and discipline office documented.

Consequences will begin with SS/detention and may progressively escalate for subsequent referrals.