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Sora ebooks

UHS Students have access to digital ebooks and audiobooks through Sora.
Sora can be accessed through the following link and it is Google authenticated. 

  • Click the link below
  • Choose Upland High School as the school
  • Choose SIgn in with Google and choose the UUSD Google Apps account

Students can access ebooks as well as audiobooks through Sora. All ebooks and audiobooks can we accessed using a chromebook, computer, or by downloading the app to a mobile device

Connect Sora to the public library

UHS has a partnership with Upland Public Library and our Google authenticated Sora accounts will work as public library cards and give them access to check out ebooks and audiobooks through their overdrive account

  • Login into the Sora account as described above
  • Click the menu at the top right of the Sora account (On a computer and the three lines is the menu)
  • Click the green plus sign "Add a public library"
  • Search for Upland Public Library
  • Upland Public Library is part of the Southern California Digital Library
  • Add to your libraries

Once added to the account and when a student searches for a title, Upland High School's Library will display first and Upland Public Library's available materials will display below