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Prom Q&A 2021

Q: What do we need to buy a ticket?

A: If you are purchasing online, you will need a UHS Online Student Store account and a credit/debit card. If you do not have an account, you may register using your Student ID number and personal email. You will need to read the dance agreement and affirm that you agree before purchase. If you are purchasing in person, you will need a Student ID number, a signed dance agreement, and the $60 payment in cash/check.

Q: What's the dress code?

A: The dress code is semi-formal to formal, depending on which you prefer. Maxi dresses, blazers, and other formal dresses are encouraged. This is the same as a regular prom dance, it just takes place outside with social distancing. Wear whatever you would normally wear to a Homecoming or Prom event. There is no specific color or party theme you have to dress to.

Q: Can you bring a date from another school?

A: Yes, UHS juniors and seniors may bring 1 student from another school as their plus-one for the event. Please go to the UHS Online Student Store and click the item titled “PROM 2021-GUEST” for more information. Essentially, you and your guest must fill out a Guest Form Application (which can be found in the Online Student Store) that requires information such as: your guest’s name, school, a signature from their school’s administrator, and other important details for safety reasons. You may also check our “How to purchase tickets” post on our Instagram (@upland_high_school_asb) for a more detailed tutorial.

Q: Do students have to be tested for COVID-19 prior to the event?

A: It is not a requirement, though it is encouraged. If you cannot get tested, please screen yourself before the event for COVID-19 symptoms to ensure the safety of everyone. Masks and social distancing will be REQUIRED at the event. You will not need any proof of vaccine or negative coronavirus test.

Q: Where can you buy tickets?

A: Tickets are currently available in the UHS Online Student Store for $60 for UHS juniors and seniors. To purchase online, you will need to make a Student Store account using your student ID card and purchase tickets using a debit/credit card. 

You can also purchase them in-person at school from the Student Store located by Student Services and the Cafeteria after school (10:45-11:15 or 3:00-3:30). 

Q: Are there any discounts for tickets with ASB cards?

A: ASB cards were not sold this year, and cards from past years have expired. There are unfortunately no discounts available through an ASB card this year.

Q: Are food and drinks free?

A: There is some food included for free with the purchase of a prom ticket. Separate purchases of food at the event site are still TBD.

Q: Can freshmen and sophomores attend?

A: Yes, but they are considered a Guest so they must fill out the Guest Form Application and be approved as well. You may find the Guest Form Application at UHS Online Student Store after clicking the item “PROM 2021-GUEST” and locating the Google Doc. If you need a more detailed tutorial on how to access this, please refer to our tutorial on Instagram (@upland_high_school_asb) from the post “How to Purchase Prom Tickets.”

Q: Can seniors from last year, or people in general who have graduated from high school, attend?

A: Yes, they may attend as a guest.