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Theatre Department Hits Its Mark With "A Midsummer's Night Dream."


By: Pierce Sharp, The Plaid, Staff Writer and Photographer


Cast of play takes a bowOn Thursday, October 24th, 2019, the Upland High Theatre opened its new show, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” to overwhelming success. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” is a comedy written by William Shakespeare, and was what the show was based off of. Some students have called it Upland’s best show yet and attendance was considerably up from previous years. 

     One key difference between the original play and the Theatre’s rendition was that the show was set in the 1980’s, instead of the late 1500’s. Even though it sounds like a major change, it actually benefited the show by making it more enjoyable and entertaining. The reason that the show was set in the 1980’s was because some of the students wanted to do a show that was set in the 1980’s but it was not originally selected. So, they decided to merge the shows and meet in the middle. They all decided to set “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the 1980’s, so everyone received what they wanted.Joaquin Enriquez, Chloe Coulter, Tyrone Jeffries and Shannon Welby

     Fourteen out of the twenty performers were current members of Thespian Troupe 4712. One of these thespians in the show was Lauren Comia, who played Puck. During the show, Lauren was almost always in a squatting position and she said that it was the hardest part about playing Puck. When it came to Shakespeare, Lauren said, “Yes! I absolutely love Shakespeare as his use of words is unique. Learning Shakespeare has also helped me in my academic classes as well, memorizing unusual words and understanding the English language better.” 

     When it came to her lines, it took Lauren a month and a half to memorize them all, without mistakes. Overall, Lauren was very proud of the outcome of the show and has heard a lot of praise from audience members. 

      The director of the show was Michele Richardson, who is also the Upland High Theatre teacher. Richardson said that this was many of the students first show and they started rehearsing the show on September first and managed to put it together in two months. Like Lauren, Ms. Richardson said that she was a fan of Shakespeare’s work. In fact, her first professional acting job was in a Shakespeare play, when she was sixteen years old. Ms. RichardTheatre Departmentson said, “People need to embrace the universal themes of Shakespeare. That’s why they are still performed today. The story lines never go out of style.”

     Overall, the Theatre group’s rendition of “A Midsummer Night's Dream” was both comedic and well-performed. For theater-goers who had the chance to see a performance, they were quite lucky indeed. The next offering by the Theatre Department will be “Happy Holidays!” and will run December 5 and 6 at 7 p.m. in the Upland Auditorium.



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Upland Takes Mustangs Back To The Stable


By: Tim Johnson, The Plaid, Staff Writer and Photographer

   Upland #4 runs the ball  On Friday, September sixth, The Upland Highlanders went toe to toe against the Rancho Verde Mustangs, in their third game of the session. Returning to the field where Upland won their CIF championship last season, The scots dominated the first half of the game. They lost some of their momentum in the second half but quickly recovered and swept the mustangs with the outstanding score of 30-7.    

     Starting the first quarter, Upland received the kick-off and then hit the ground, running straight away, with some amazing runs by Tyevin Ford, also known as “Night Train.” After the Mustangs were flagged for roughing the passer, the quarterback, senior, Evan Rowe, threw a 12-yard pass to  senior, Earl Estell. It gave senior, Tyevin Ford the opportunity to run a 10-yard touchdown, with an extra point scored during the P.A.T, thanks to the Highlanders kicker, Archie Green.

     Upland handled Rancho Verde on both offense and defense. Each time Rancho Verde was in possession of the ball, it resulted in a punt or a fumble, whereas Upland scored each time they had the ball.UHS Cheer with signage

     Continuing into the second quarter, Upland kept up their intense tenacity to win and it paid off for them. It was close, however, when Earl Estell was short one-yard, after he had gained six-yards. But the Scots were able to gain that yard when they did a quarterback sneak, thanks to the offensive linemen. Unfortunately, they were unable to make a touchdown but the Highlanders still held the lead with 17-0. Due to the efforts of the defense, Rancho was unable to score in the first half of the game, so they had to punt every time they had the ball. When Upland got the ball back, senior, Jon mondragon ran an amazing game, starting with a 13-yard run and a few other short runs. Unfortunately, the Scots were 11-yards short for another touchdown. But after attempting a field goal, they were successful. At the end of the half, the score was 20-0, with what seemed like a one-sided game. 

     The Upland Highlanders kicked off to start the second half and because Upland grew sloppy with receiving penalties, Rancho Verde was able to make a touchdown and earn the extra P.A.T Both teams on the groundpoint. It gave Upland the wake-up call it needed, because it was the only point Rancho Verde was able to score, due to The Highlander’s strong defense. After several amazing offensive plays by Ford, Mondragon and junior, Daniel Sosa, Upland was able to make another touchdown and P.A.T, which brought the score to 27-7. What the third quarter demonstrated was that Rancho Verde played well but did not have the willpower to win.

     The fourth quarter started with Upland kicking off again. There was an amazing 60-yard punt by kicker Green. Upland next intercepted a pass, followed by a field goal. They finished off the game strong, with a score of 30-7. Head Coach Thomas said “The kids played well and did a tremendous job in every aspect of the game. Archie Green was awesome, with three field goals and hit a 65-yard punt. They all did tremendous overall.” Upland now has its eyes on Central Catholic, and will prepare for a home game on Friday, September 13, at 7:00 PM.



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