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Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship search engines try and match scholarships to an individual student. A scholarship search engine will ask you to input information about yourself and then based on your answers will match you with scholarships. While the majority of scholarship search engines are free to use, many will try and sell you items based on your answers and/or sell your information to others. Remember that while they provide a service, they are also trying to make money (either from advertisers or by selling your information). If you sign-up for a search engine and you are not getting the types of leads you were expecting after 3-4 weeks, unsubscribe and delete your account. There are a myriad of search engines out there; the search engines we have listed on our web page are ones that our students have given favorable reviews.

L.A. Cash for College

L.A. Cash for College helps students achieve their college aspirations through a three step process that informs, assists and rewards students and families throughout the Los Angeles region. Since 2002, we have helped more than 238,000 students and their families prepare for college and apply for financial aid.

Cash for College

Financial Aid Workshops

College Board Scholarship Search

This online tool created by College Board can help you locate scholarships, internships, and grants, which match your education level, talents, and background. 

Going Merry

Going Merry - One place for students to find and apply to scholarships online, absolutely free.

Going Merry Logo and Link

I Can Afford College

The “I Can Afford College” campaign is a statewide, financial aid awareness initiative sponsored by the California Community Colleges.  The campaign got its start back in 2004, shortly after the California community colleges increased their enrollment fees. The governor and the state legislature wanted to make sure Californians knew how to make college affordable, so they set aside money to create an awareness campaign about financial aid. 

The “I Can Afford College” campaign is funded by the State of California, through Proposition 98.  This website is one of the main elements of the campaign. Since the site was launched, it has received more than 2.5 million visits. Additionally, the number of community college students who receive some type of financial aid has gone up by nearly 70 percent since 2004. 

 Our goal at “I Can Afford College” is simple. We want to let students and parents know that: 

  • California community colleges are affordable. 
  • Financial aid is available year-round to help pay for enrollment fees and college costs like books, supplies, and even rent in some cases. 
  • All 113 California community colleges have financial aid experts who can give you free one-on-one help.

I Can Afford College

Life Prep Minority Scholarships

Scholarships by minority status:

Life Prep

The Dream (DACA)

TheDream.US is a new multimillion dollar National Scholarship Fund for DREAMers, created to help immigrant youth who’ve received DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) achieve their American Dream through the completion of a college education.

The Dream