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Aeries for Parents

Aeries Parent Portal

The Aeries Parent Portal link is available on the Upland High School’s homepage. You can click this link to be redirected to the Aeries Parent Portal Link

If you have been in the district in previous years and have confirmed your student’s information you should already have a parent portal account. You should try the password reset and then contact the school office if you have any issues.

Registration (new to district)

If you are new to the district, you will need to register with Aeries Online Enrollment

Aeries Parent Portal (New to District)

If you are new to the district you should have the following information through registration. The following is required to create a parent portal account:

  1. Student Permanent ID
  2. Home Telephone number on file at your school site as the primary contact
  3. Verification Pass Code (VPC) – The unique identifier for your student 
  4. Personal e-mail account

You cannot create an account without all 4 of these items. Click “Create New Account” to begin.

Note: It is important for the personal email account used for the creation of the parent portal to be the same email in the contacts page for the student to ensure reliable communication from the school.


The Five Steps to Create a New Aeries Parent Portal

STEP 1: Creation of Account – Select Account Type

Step one

Choose Parent and click “Next”

STEP 2: Enter Account Information

Step two

STEP 3: E-mail Account Verification

Step three

You will receive an email with a code to enter. Enter the code and click “Next” and you will see:

Click Return to Login Page

STEP 4: Login to Aeries Parent Portal

Step four

STEP 5: Student Verification 


Once you log into Aeries Parent Portal, you will be asked to provide the information provided through registration

After entering this information click “Next”.

Note: You can add other students by clicking “Change Student” and selecting “Add New Student to Your Account”.