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Strategic Objectives



November 28, 2018 – May 15, 2019



1. By March 15, 2019- Trevor Fogelsong and Debbie Glenn, working with Tech Leads - Create a Curriculum/Educational Technology Plan and present to the Instructional Leadership Team to support teachers to embed technology into their lessons.

2. By April 1, 2019 - Ana Marten, working with Sara Domonoske, Ellen McGrath and Carolle Artiles - Develop and give a needs assessment to staff, by department, to determine the supports needed to reach the learning needs of students with an IEP or 504.

3. By May 15, 2019 - Rochelle Villalobos (lead), Kim Bova, Marissa Ragaza and Jerry McCanne - Create, administer and report results to the staff of a WASC staff survey in an effort to identify the needs of our diverse student body.


1.By May 15, 2019 - Sara Domonoske (lead) and Liliana Garza, working with the counselors - Develop and deliver three workshops for students (e.g., resume writing, interviewing skills, website or portfolio development)

2. By May 15, 2019 - Sara Domonoske (lead), Liliana Garza and Art McCain - Develop and implement a plan to increase and build awareness of opportunities for student internships and college presentations on campus.


1. By December 15, 2018 - Alex Gonzalez, working with Patti Coulter, Counseling Department Chair - Identify opportunities to better utilize counseling communication tools and report the results to Pam Salgado.

2. By January 15, 2019 - Pam Salgado and Trevor Fogelsong (co-leads) - Publish and distribute to parents and staff a schedule of parent trainings for the remainder of the year.

3. By January 15, 2019 - Darryl Thomas, working with Alex Gonzalez and Sarena Montoya, working with PTSA, ASB and the high school - Develop and publish a calendar of monthly communication meetings and events.


1. By February 1, 2019 - JeNora Lewis - Revise the campus security schedule and areas (i.e., gates and restrooms) to be locked before and during lunch.

2. By February 1, 2019 - JeNora Lewis - Communicate a directive to all Campus Safety Supervisors that only students with a valid OCP (off campus pass) are permitted to leave campus at designated points.

3. By February 1, 2019 - JeNora Lewis - Communicate a directive to all Campus Safety Supervisors that all policies and procedures are to be enforced consistently and no items or “gifts” are to be received from any student.

4. By May 1, 2019 JeNora Lewis - Communicate a directive to all Campus Safety Supervisors that students are not to be sitting on, riding on, loitering on, congregating on or socializing on student services golf carts.

5. By May 15, 2019 JeNora Lewis - Develop and implement a plan for monitoring security video feeds.