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Link Crew Contacts
Contact Courtney Bennett  Courtney Bennett (909) 949-7880 ex: 207 Teacher
Contact Fred Easton  Fred Easton ex: 216 Teacher
Contact Darryl Thomas  Darryl Thomas (909) 949-7880 ex: 306 Assistant Principal, Activities, Athletics, and Academic Programs
Contact Judy Wilson  Judy Wilson (909) 949-7880 ex: 372 Activities Director
Contact Allyson Wisz  Allyson Wisz (909) 949-7880 ex: 229 Math Teacher

Link Crew

What is Link Crew?

Link Crew is a freshman orientation program led by juniors and seniors who serve as mentors for the freshmen for the entire school year. The goal of the program is to ensure our incoming freshmen have a smooth, seamless, and successful transition from junior high school to Upland High. Starting with a one day orientation in August, our freshmen have the opportunity to start the school year with a high energy assembly dedicated to them, connect with upperclassmen (Link Crew Leaders), tour the campus, and learn about Upland High. Link Crew leaders continue to provide social and academic support throughout the year through various activities, including:

  • Freshmen Fun Night with the IN-N-OUT Burger truck 
  • tailgate parties 
  • lunchtime games  
  • tutoring
  • ice cream socials

Social Media

Follow UHS Link Crew @ uhs_link_crew on Twitter and Instagram

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