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Homework Center

The UHS Homework Center is a free student tutoring and homework help for all UHS students. It is provided by the UHS library and staffs teachers and students that have shown to be successful in most of their classes. 
The Homework Center feels that it can help students in beginning Freshmen classes all the way to the highest Senior AP classes. 

The UHS students are in some of the highest levels of academic classes and will be familiar with the curriculum in which students might need help. Teachers from various disciplines are available as well as the advisor of the Center.

Some teachers offer make-up or bonus points for participating in the Homework Center. To receive a receipt, student must check in with a student tutor and work in the homework center room. (Simply checking in and going to the computers is not satisfactory).

The Homework Center also has Chromebooks and printing available for students after school. All school computers must be used for academic purposes.

The Homework Center is open every regular school day until 5pm. Please call extension 340 with any questions

  • Tutoring available until 5pm on regular school attendance days
  • Teacher and AP student tutors available 
  • Chromebase computer lab available
  • Printing available
  • Quiet work space and a social area separate to meet needs of students
  • Borrowing of textbooks and materials available