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Department Chairs

Department Chairs (2017-2018)

Chair Room/Extension Department
Kim Bova F153 English
Patty Coulter A345 Counseling
Terry Kimberling K234 Math
Ana Garcia G179 World Language
Rob Ingles C112 Social Studies
Richard Kim M474 Physical Education
Gregory Peck H186 Science
Sheryl Bizzell C120 Special Education
Josh Wish N261 CTE/Career Techical Education
Angelique Tahajian V264 VAPA/ Visual Performing Arts


Contact Sheryl Bizzell  Sheryl Bizzell (909) 949-7880 ex: 120 Special Education Department Chair
Contact Mrs. Bova  Mrs. Bova (909) 949-7880 ex: 153 English Teacher and English Department Chair
Contact Patti Coulter  Patti Coulter (909) 949-7880 ex: 345 9th grade (Log-Z) Counselor
Contact Ana Garcia  Ana Garcia (909) 949-7880 ex: 179 Spanish Department Chair
Contact Rob Ingels  Rob Ingels (909) 949-7880 ex: 112 Social Studies Department Chair
Contact Richard Kim  Richard Kim (909) 949-7880 ex: 474 PE Department Chair
Contact Terry Kimberling  Terry Kimberling (909) 949-7880 ex: 236 Math Department Chair
Contact Gregory Peck  Gregory Peck (909) 949-7880 ex: 186 Science Department Chair
Contact Angelique Tahajian  Angelique Tahajian (909) 949-7880 ex: 264 VAPA Department Chair
Contact Josh Wish  Josh Wish (909) 949-7880 ex: 261 Automotive Teacher/ CTE Department Chair