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Approved Courses


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English I Journalism Journ: Prod/ Mang
H English I AP Seminar Int Eng 1A Lvl1
English II AP Research HS Eng III
H English II   HS Eng IV
English III AP Art History HS Creative Writing
AP Lang Comp Psych/ Sociology HS Literacy
English IV ERWC AP Psych  
AP English IV Civil Rights Business Algebra
Eng I SDAIE   HS Algebra I
    HS Geometry
Spanish I Astronomy HS World History
Heritage Speakers Oceanography HS US History
Spanish II Vet Science HS Govt.
Spanish III PrinEngineering HS EconAP 
Medical Spanish III Digital Electronics Bus. Alg. II
AP Spanish IV CompIntManufac Student Govt
French I Aerospace Engineering Peer Helping
French II Computer Science Essentials  
French III AP Computer Sci Art I
AP French IV Sports Medicine ROP Global Art I
    Ceramics I
Chinese I   Ceramics II-IV
Chinese II   Jewelry Design
Chinese III   Drawing
    Multimedia Dsgn
    Web Design
Algebra I   Photo I
Geometry   Fashion Design
H Geometry   AP Studio Art
Algebra II   Theatre I
H Algebra II   Theatre II
Math Analysis   Theatre III
Prob & Stats   H Theatre IV
Math Reasoning W/ Connections   Stu Director
AP Calc AB   Stage Dsgn/ Tech ROP
AP Calc BC   Video Production
    Adv Video Production
Biology   TV Broadcasting
H Biology   Film Making/Analy
Field Biology    
Anat/ Phys   H Wind Ensemble
H Anat/ Phys   Concert Band
Chemistry I   Jazz Ensemble
H Chemistry   Symph Band
Physics I   Stage Band
AP Physics I   Pipes
AP Physics C   Percussion
AP Biology   Colorguard
AP Chemistry   H Madrigals
AP Environmental Science   Chorale Ensemble
Earth Space Science   Men's Ensemble
World History/ Cultures   Aria
H World History/ Cultures   H Jazz Choir
AP World History   Music Theory
US History    
AP US History   Dance Tech I
Government   Dance Tech II 
Economics   Express Dance
AP Government   Ballet
AP Economics   Adv. Jazz
AP Euro History    
    Computer Technology
    Intro to Business
    Intro to Design
    Automech I
    Adv. Auto Tech
    Metal I
    Metal II-IV
    AVID 9
    AVID 10
    AVID 11
    AVID 12
    Health C Occ ROP
    Med Asst Cl ROP
    ROP Arch
    Exploring Athletic Training ROP
    HS Employment Skills
    HS Life Skills
    Work Experience
    ROP Criminal Justice
    BITA 1-Foundation of Residential and Commercial
    BITA 2- Study of Modern Craftsmanship and Infrastructure