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Meet the Counselors

Get to know your Counselor

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All the counselors at Upland High School have Master Degrees in counseling and are credentialed in Pupil Personnel Services by the State of California. With a combined experience of 124 years in education, the UHS counseling team is ready to serve all your educational needs.


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Class of 2023 Counselors: Monica Gullo (A-K) and Marnie Simmons (L-Z).  Mrs. Gullo earned a BA from CSU Fullerton in Psychology. Instantly identifiable for her penchant to wear anything with a cheetah print, Mrs. Gullo loves to spend time with her family and attend sports events. Mrs. Simmons graduated from CSU San Diego with a BS in Criminal Justice. Mrs. Simmons enjoys going to movies and concerts, and when time permits to travel to fun and interesting places.

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Class of 2020 Counselors: Patti Coulter (L-Z) and Janel Aven (A-K). Mrs. Coulter is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a BS in Journalism. She spends most of her free time ferrying her daughter to theater rehearsals and performances. Mrs. Aven graduated from Azuza Pacific University with a BA in Communications. She enjoys spending time with her family and exploring new countries and cultures.

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Class of 2021 Counselors: Bridget Santoyo (L-Z) and Claudia Cantu (A-K). Mrs. Santoyo received a BA in Psychology from Bellevue College. When not helping students, Mrs. Santoyo can be found at Nordstroms or just spending time with family. Mrs. Cantu graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with BA in Behavioral Sciences. Mrs. Cantu loves to read and when given the chance to travel and go to the movies.

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Class of 2022 Counselors: Art McCain(A-Lef) and Ruben Montero(Leg-Z).Mr.Montero graduated from San Diego State with a BA in Sociology. He enjoys watching the New England Patriots, going to the movies (especially Marvel) and playing softball. Mr. McCain graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English. He also enjoys participating in auto racing and spending time with his family, both human and canine.