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Counseling Department Locker
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Counseling Department

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More of the Counseling Team
Wellness Counselor and Student Services Directors

UHS Counseling Department MIssion Statement

The counselors of Upland High School will provide a safe environment for students to successfully complete high school and assist them in reaching their post-secondary, career and educational goals, while encouraging them to build healthy relationships with peers, parents and staff.

Counselor Caseloads for 2021-2022

Class of 2025 Freshmen
  Claudia Cantu (909) 949-7880 ex: 35325 9th A-Lil
  Bridget Santoyo (909) 949-7880 ex: 35308 9th Lim-Z
Class of 2024 Sophomores
  Bobbie Giovanetti (909) 949-7880 ex: 35324 10th Log-Z
  Flavia Talavera-Curiel (909) 949-7880 ex: 35323 10th A-LOF
Class of 2023 Juniors
  Monica Gullo (909) 949-7880 ex: 35465 11th A-Lep
  Marnie Simmons (909) 949-7880 ex: 35307 11th Leq-Z
Class of 2022 Seniors
  Amber Arguello (909) 949-7880 ex: 35310 12th Leg-Z
  Art McCain (909) 949-7880 ex: 35309 12th A-Lef

Student Services Directors

  Brian Chavez (909) 949-7880 ex: 35361 Student Services Director
  Laura McMullen (909) 949-7880 ex: 35362 Student Services Director

Wellness Center Counselor

Anthony Rashaun Scott                                                                                          

Counseling Guaranteed Services

As a counseling team, our goal is to teach, support and inspire students to pursue their academic, career, personal and social goals.  We recognize each student as an individual with unique qualities and talents.  Our commitment is to prepare all students to be life-long learners who are able to adapt to a changing world.

Students are welcome to stop by the Counseling Office without an appointment at lunch  with any questions they may have (Do not come during class time as we do not want you to miss instructional time). 

Parents can call to set up an appointment to meet with a counselor by contacting the appropriate counseling secretary. Counselors are also readily accessible via email and phone. Counselors will also individually meet with parents and their students starting the first semester of every school year.

Our goal is to help every student acquire the skills needed for college or other post-high-school opportunities.  We offer the following support and advisement:

  • Annual 4-year plan meetings with students and parents to establish academic and career goals.

  • Attend IEP (special education), ADA 504, and SST (Student Study Team) meetings providing consultation and advisement.

  • Meet with students in crisis and provide information for appropriate professional personal/social counseling services.

  • Provide group orientations at each grade level to ensure students have the most up to date information in order to make the best academic, career, and personal choices.

  • Introduce various colleges by scheduling individual visits by college admissions representatives to talk with students (Career Center).

  • Host workshops and guest speakers to share expertise on the college admissions process and financial aid options.

  • Prepare school materials (transcripts, recommendations and the school profile) on behalf of students to universities and colleges for admissions and scholarship purposes.