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Club List


There are many opportunities to be part of clubs at UHS. Please feel free to contact the Club Advisor or President about the club or stop by during the club's scheduled meeting times.

Click Here to see the UHS clubs calendar

 3-D Leadership: to develop leadership skills and work collaboratively on a service project

C122, Friday

Advisor: Hynes President: Rebecca Norden-Bright

American Sign Language: to learn American Sign Language as a group


Advisor: Rosette President: Mia Vallarta

Asian Student Association: to unify students and celebrate the Asian Culture

N253,  Monday.

Advisor: Miura President: Sarah Wu

Black Student Union: to educate, help, and express the African American Community

TBA, Thur

Advisor: Lewis/Bank President: Inia Brooks

Book Club: to read and enjoy literature

Library, 3rd Tuesday/month

Advisor: Foglesong President: Maria Ghatas

Campus Environmental Committee: School wide Environmental Awareness/Project

K225, Wed/Fri

Advisor: Whieldon President: Simon Samarzic

Chess Club: to promote chess at UHS

H189, Wed Lunch

Advisor: Geller President: Michael Cho

Cosmetology Club: skincare and enhance their skills with cosmetology

F161, Tues

Advisor: Villalobos President: Daisy Olaya

Croissant Club: Study the history of flaky pastries

F145, Tues (lunch)

Advisor: Juarez President: Jailon Sotelo

CSF (California Scholarship Foundation): for academic and service engagement

Library, 3rd Tues of every month

Advisor: Alzamora President: Kelly Vu

Cultural Enrichment Club: to help diversify the student body at UHS

Library, Wed

Advisor: Piscioneri President: Jessica Mizuno 

Dead Poets' Society: write and appreciate poetry

D137, Mon

Advisor: Dragna President: Alysia Gilamn/ Alyssa Santana

Dog Bone Making Club: to make dog bones for student independence

J209, Mon-Fri 2nd & 3rd period

Advisor: Jennings President: Maddie McCarthy 

Finance Club: to discuss and teach individuals about the stock market and how to manage money wisely

G168, Thur

Advisor: Harden President: Joseph Centurioni 

For the Love of Poetry Club: further pursue career or passion involving poetry/literature

G170, Fri

Advisor: Bossano President: Larissa Velasquez 

Future Business Leaders of America: to educate students on business and prepare them for careers in business

F158, Every other Thur

Advisor: Gillespie President: Kimberlin Huang

Garden Club: to learn the fundamentals of sustainable food production and healthy eating through gardening.

Garden, Wed 2PM

Advisor: McAdams President: Julia Alcala

Global Aid: Charity Club

C124, Friday

Advisor: Kinsey President: Cindy Nguyen/Nick Tien

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance): Bring awareness to students and create a safe space

C124, Friday

Advisor: Kinsey President: Rosa M. Grimaldo

HOSA ( Future Health Professionals)to provide medical enrichment opportunities for UHS

K226, Tues

Advisor: Skaggs/Sliney President:  Julia Fernandez 

Joggling Club: to promote joggling at UHS

H189, Tues Lunch

Advisor: Geller President: Axel Mora

JSA (Junior State of America): to provide a safe space for political and civic engagement

C123, Monday

Advisor: McGee President: Aaysha Memon

Key Club: Community Service

Library, Thursday

Advisor: Skaggs President: Andrew Doan

The KindQuest: Give students the opportunity to volunteer, make friends and gain leadership skills

C112, Thursday

Advisor: Ingels President: Audrey Choi

K-pop Club: to enjoy and share interest in Korean Music

H192, Monday

Advisor: TBA President: Leanne Zeleya

M.E.C.H.A: to learn about latino culture

C109, Thursday

Advisor: Carrasco President: Jade Vidal

Mock Trial: to practice Law and Order

G170, Tues/Thurs

Advisor: Bossano Presidents: Alex Gonzalez, Rachelle Ignacio, Kiara Reyes

National Honor Society: to make the community stronger

J207, Thursday

Advisor: Easton/Bennet President: Jack McKinnon

Muslim Student Association: to provide a community space for Muslim students to congregate

G175, Friday

Advisor: Adams President: Aaysha Memon

New Wave Club: christian club, for fellowship

F151, Tuesday (Lunch)

Advisor: Edmundson President: Nicholas Monfreda

Oxfam Club: to raise awareness for poverty worldwide

C122, Friday

Advisor: Hynes President: Helena Ngo

Ping Pong Club: to educate and play table tennis and bad mitten

Library, Monday or Friday

Advisor: Armstrong President: Bryan Dudd

Red Cross Club: participate in service projects that impact the community

C122, 2nd and 4th Friday of month

Advisor: Hynes President: Su-Khine Min Nwe

Robotics Club: to promote S.T.E.M. in Upland High School

N260, Friday

Advisor: Craig President: Anthony Martinez

Rube Goldberg/Makers Club: to encourage problem solving through making complex things

N260, Monday

Advisor: Craig President: Mattew Locke

Science Club: to preform scientific experiments and represent Upland High

H185, e.o. Thursday

Advisor: Lander President: Matthew Locke

Send It Club: Rock Climbing Club

F160, Friday

Advisor: McAdams President: Jonathan

Speech and Debate: to compete in debate tournaments

C123, Mon/Wed

Advisor: McGee President: Jack McKinnon

Stand Out Club: A club for God

H192, Tues and Thurs at 7:10am

Advisor: Salazar President: Samantha Martinez

Sudoku Club: Play/learn Sudoku and play many more brain exercises

N253, Tuesday

Advisor: Miura President: Sarah Chu

Team HBV: to spread out team HBV and fundraise for ones need

G170, Wednesday

Advisor: Bossano President: Anida Zhu

The Thirst Project: To raise awareness and money for 3rd world countires who don't have clean water

C123, Tuesday

Advisor: McGee President: Haya Hamdallah

UHS Salon: to educate on Philosophy

N253, Monday

Advisor: Miura President: Jack McKinnon

Ukulele and Guitar Club: to better students understanding/ appreciation for the ukulele as they learn/play

G175, Tuesday

Advisor: Adams President: Ruby Gallego

Upland Artist Guild: Art, Fundraise and make Upland great

N257, Wednesday

Advisor: Rosette President: Jocelyn Mulgado

Young Democrats Club: to provide space for political discussion and activism

C124, Monday

Advisor: Kinsey President: Rebecca Norden-Bright

Youtube Club: Greet new people and talk about the different youtubers

G174, Thursday

Advisor: Lora President: Georgia Monerief

Zoobot Club: to celebrate plants and animals

K228, Thursday

Advisor: T. Weatherell President: Jalyn Barrett