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Club List


There are many opportunities to be part of clubs at UHS. Please feel free to contact the Club Advisor or President about the club or stop by during the club's scheduled meeting times.

Clubs at UHS
Name Description Advisor Meeting Days Room
Adult Transition Program (Dog Bone) Occupational Training Kim Camarena Friday J211/ J209
American Sign Language Club Education Robert Cantwell Tuesday H193
Avid Club Education Juarez, Sharma, Swadha Tuesday K231
Best Buddies Service Jessica Cora Thursday G174
Black Student Union Culture Mr. Banks Tuesday F155
Book Club Education Mr. Foglesong N/A N/A
California Scholarship Federation Service Mr. Alzamora Tuesday lower library
Cosmetology Club Occupational Training Rochelle Villalobos Wednesday F161
Dance Club Activities Tahajian 1st Tuesday V264
Day 1 Club (Christian Club) Religious Mr. Taylor Every other friday D141
E-Sports Activities Hopwood Tue/ wed G169
French Culture Club Culture/Education Mde. Wood Thursday G180
Global Aid Service Mrs. Kinsey Friday C124
Guitar and Ukulele Club Activities Mr. Adams Tuesday G175
Hand in Hand Service Coffee Monday C114
HOSA (Future Health Professionals) Occupational Training Skaggs Tuesday k226
Islands Club (Polynesian Club) Culture Renee V. Grages Wednesday N/A
Jesus Club Religious Mrs. Bennett Wednesday J207
K-Pop Club Activities Alzamora Thursdays F147
Key Club Service Mrs. Skaggs Wednesday lower library
MEChA Culture Mr. Carrasco Thursday G176 & C109
Model United Nations Education Ms. McAdams Thursday F160
National Honors Society Service Mrs. Bennett Wednesday J207
Oxfam Club Service Mr. Mcgee Wednesday C123
Red Cross Club Service Hynes Friday C122
Robotics Activities/Competition Mr. Hopwood Wednesday N260
Rube Goldberg Activities/Competition Mr. Hopwood Tuesday N260
Sacred Brotherhood of Smash (Video Games) Activities Gena Hatch Friday C- building
Story Writing Club Activities Kimberly Morales Friday F152
Spanish Club Activities Lourdes Ocon Thursday G181
Speech and Debate Activities/Competition Mr. Mcgee Monday/ wed C123
Team HBV   Mr. Geller Wednesday H189
The Arts Club Activities Mrs. Edmundson 1st & 3rd tues F151
The Finance Club Occupational Training Mr. Margan Wednesday H182
The Grub Club Culture Mr. Hauk Monday G167 & N259
The Kindquest Service Mr. Ingels Thursdays C112
Thirst Project Service Mr. Mcgee Tuesday C123
UNICEF Service Morales Tuesday F152
Video Club Activities Mr. Miura Monday N253
ZooBot Club (Zoology-Botony Club) Activities/Education Tom Weatherell Thursdays K228