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Attendance Office

Full day absences must be excused within 3 school days by using one of the following methods:

  • Enter the Absence in the Absence Report Google Form
  • A handwritten note with a valid parent/guardian signature
  • An email from the guardian 
    • Emails can not be sent for early dismissals
    • Emails must match the parent/guardian email on file which will be the email used when registering the student on Aeries at the beginning of the year

Early dismissal/release from school can be obtained and excused with only a Temporary Off-Campus Permit:

  • A parent/guardian note with a valid signature turned into the Attendance Office before the student leaves campus
  • A parent/guardian visit with valid photo ID at the Attendance office to sign the dismissal. Please leave extra time for this process
  • Typically phone calls are not be accepted for early release/dismissal. Phone messages are not accepted for early release dismissal.

Perfect Attendance is defined as no period or full day absences for a school year

You can review your child's attendance through the Aeries Parent Portal

Off-Campus During School Day

Students are not allowed to leave during the regular school day without permission from the Attendance Office. If a student needs to leave campus during the school day, his/her parent must send a note with the student for the Attendance Office or visit the Attendance Office to request a release before the student leaves campus. No phone calls will be accepted. Students must obtain an Off-Campus Permit before leaving campus. It is recommended that medical/dental appointments be made after school. The Attendance Office will not clear students who leave campus without first obtaining an off-campus pass from the Attendance Office. Discipline for leaving campus without following the appropriate procedures include detention, Saturday School, and a Discipline Director conference.

Off-Campus Lunch Permit - Seniors are allowed to leave campus for lunch if they apply for and are granted an Off Campus Pass. Applications are available in the Assistant Principal’s office. If a senior leaves campus and does not return from lunch, he/she is truant. The Off Campus Pass is subject to immediate cancellation if the holder violates any school rules or municipal or state laws.