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ASB Appointed Job Descriptions and Application

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Appointed Job Descriptions

Advertising Manager

  1. Provide publicity for all student body functions.

  2. Distribute Rep Council flyers to staff members without a third period class and various other places on campus (office windows, showcases, etc.)

  3. Make sure posters, banners and flyers are posted in approved areas.

  4. Work with the Activities Director to maintain the marquee in front of the library.

  5. Monitor publicity during elections and see that all candidates follow the campaign regulations.

  6. Keep inventory of advertising supplies (paper, markers, paint, ink, etc) and inform Activities Director when supplies are low.

Inter-Club Council President

  1. Preside over all ICC meetings and be responsible for functions of the council.

  2. Be responsible for the coordination and communication between all the clubs on campus.  Provide Club Presidents and Advisors with a Club Handbook.

  3. Present all applications for chartering and rechartering to the Executive Council for approval.  Maintain files of all applications.

  4. Update and distribute Club rosters and Club Information sheets to counselors and keep copies available in the Student Activities office.

  5. Organize the annual Upland High School Club Holiday Toy Drive.

  6. Inform club presidents of opportunities for campus and community service and fundraising.

  7. Keep records of club minutes and service projects.  Assign Student Council Members as a representative to each club to assist with this.

Business Manager

  1. Serve as an assistant to the Student Store manager to stock the Student Store when needed.

  2. Serve as Sergeant of Arms during Executive Council meetings.

  3. Assist the Athletic Commissioners with the Fall and Spring Blood Drives.

  4. Be responsible for the sound system and music during rallies, assemblies and lunchtime activities.  Maintain the portable PA system.  See that equipment is charged, set up and stored away properly.  

  5. Maintain, clean and organize the Student Activities Office including counter, signs, Microwave and Refrigerator.  Keep posters organized during rally preparations..

  6. Arrange for the reading of the UHS Daily Bulletin every Tuesday & Thursday.

Class Officers

  1. Assist and organize your class in all Homecoming Activities.

  2. Organize fund-raising events.

  3. Keep class members informed of class activities.

  4. Decorate for Rallies.

  5. Design & sell Class T-Shirts.

  6. Work closely with all Class Officers.

  7. Duties specific to classes:

Senior Class

  1. Senior Assemblies

  2. Senior Rally

  3. Powderpuff Football

  4. Senior Ball

  5. Class Gift

  6. Commencement

  7. Baccalaureate

  8. Announcements

Junior Class

  1. Prom

  2. Powderpuff Football

Sophomore Class

  1. Spring Dance

Homecoming Chairman

  1. Organize the Homecoming Dance, choosing an appropriate theme, location, colors, invitation, photo background, dance favors, etc. 

  2. Organize all Queen and Court Activities including elections and coronation.

  3. Organize class competitions at the Homecoming Rally such as section decorating, banner contest, etc.

  4. Work closely with the Activities Director, Social Chairman and the Pep Commissioner when coordinating all Homecoming activities.

  5. Serve on the annual Senior Rally committee in May.

  6. Plan, organize, and execute teacher appreciation activities for the staff of Upland High School throughout the year.

  7. Organize the selection Teacher of the Year to present at the Rally in May.

Multimedia Manager

  1. Promote school spirit and advertising through videos, websites, and media advertisement(such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter, instagram, tiktok)

  2. Serve as the school Historian; take pictures at all school events and maintain a display for the public to see(like Facebook and Photobucket)

  3. Use knowledge on multimedia design and video production to create promotional videos for events.

  4. Attend different types of events (ie rallies, sport games, club meetings, performances, dances, etc) to film and take photos.

  5. Maintain and update the school website to alert students on upcoming events

Recording Secretary

  1. Take minutes at all Executive Council meetings.  Minutes should be written in a format approved by the Director of Student Activities.

  2. Post minutes in the Student Activities Office.

  3. Have all minutes of previous meetings available at the meetings.

  4. Have a copy of the constitution and policies available for reference at meetings.

  5. Provide four typed copies of the minutes for the Assistant Principal, Bulletin Board in the ASB Office, Student Store Manager and for your records.

  6. Assist the Multimedia Manager and take pictures at ASB events.

Rotating Commissioner

  1. Rotate to assist other officers with their duties as assigned by the advisor.  For example

    • September – Assist with Homecoming.

    • October – Assist ICC President with Chartering of Clubs.

    • November – Assist Athletic Commissioners with Blood Drive.

    • December – Assist ASB Vice President with Canned Food Drive.

    • January/February – Assist with Pennies for Pasta.

    • March – Assist with Blood Drive.

    • April – Assist with Teacher of the Year Selection.

    • May/June – Assist with Graduation Activities.

  2. Organize the ASB counter in the Activities Office and see that it is well stocked with ring packets, newspapers, guest permits, comment forms, requisitions etc.

Student Council Relations

  1. Send Birthday greetings to Student Council members and announce birthdays at Executive Council meetings.

  2. Assist the ASB President in coordinating weekly ice breakers and teambuilding activities.

  3. Assist the Social Chairman in planning Student Council social functions, including the annual Holiday Party and Installation Banquet.

  4. Organize Student Council “Secret Pals” and see that all members participate.

  5. Create and maintain a “Student Council Member of the Week” program.

Student Engagement Commissioner (Formerly FiveStar Commissioner)

  1. Maintain the 5 Star Student recognition program to award students for their participation in school activities.

  2. Arrange for someone to be the 5 Star check-in designee for important events.

  3. Coordinate monthly Lunchtime Activities with the assistance of Student Council Members and Clubs.

  4. Coordinate Spirit Weeks with the assistance of Student Council members.

  5. Work with the Advertising Manager and Multimedia Manager to promote activities through the school bulletin, web page and social media sites.

  6. Take pictures at all school events and maintain a display for the public to see.