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Welcome to the UHS Academies information page

What is a Academy?

Academies are programs of high school study that connect learning in the classroom with real-world applications outside of school. Students enroll in sequential elective classes that prepare them for college and career in a specific industry sector. They integrate rigorous academic instruction with a demanding technical curriculum and field-based learning—all set in the context of one of California’s 15 major industry sectors.

The four guiding principles of an academy: rigorous academics, career-based learning, professional learning and support services. The guiding principles prepare students to succeed in college, career and life. Connecting academics to real-world applications assist students in understanding how their high school education leads to their next academic and career steps. Academies improve student engagement and inspires students to excel in college and career opportunities.

By combining a college-preparatory curriculum with exceptional career and technical education, academies lead to real-world success. Growing evidence shows that academies increasing academic achievement and learning, and increasing students’ earning power when they graduate.

Academies offered at Upland High School are:  

Engineering and Architecture, Health Science, Digital Media Arts
*** Students that complete academies earn special recognition at graduation. ***