Upland High School

New Staff to UHS

October 2017 - New Staff Spotlight - Spanish Teacher

Mr. EsparzaMr. Esparza is our October new staff member highlight. Mr. Esparza teaches Spanish II & III in G176. Make sure the next time you see Mr. Esparza that you welcome him to the UHS family. 

"Hi, I'm Antonio Esparza. I'm a third year Spanish teacher, but I am in my 9th year of working with high schoolers if you count the years I spent as an AVID tutor and as a substitute teacher. 


Teaching language is very fun for me, I knew I wanted to be a teacher since I was a high school student myself. This is what I feel was meant to do and I don't see myself doing anything else. 


I came to Upland to join the strong community here, I wish to be part of this great school and this great Foreign Language department. I look forward to becoming more active in the school community here and to building stronger bonds with students. I plan to keep becoming a better teacher, I feel that no matter how long you have been teaching there is always more to learn and more ways to improve. I strive to make my classes interesting, fun, and full of learning every day."

September 2017 - Jerry McCanne - Assistant Principal

Jerry McCanne is our new staff highlight for the month of September. He's not new to UHS since he taught English at UHS for 17 years, but he is recently back with us as the new Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Instruction, and Testing.


"It's absolutely wonderful to come home to UHS, my previous home of 17 years. I love the terrific leadership team and the amazing staff. I'm looking forward to an exciting and productive year."

March 2017 Krista Link - Guidance Clerk

"I am truly thankful that I am now apart of the Upland High Family. After attending UHS 4 years, I have always known this was where I am supposed to be. I am excited for my future with all of the students and fellow employees of Upland High."Krista Link

February 2017 - Darryl "DT" Thomas - AP

UHS' new AP of Activities, Athletics, and Academic Programs, Mr. Thomas


"It is a great day to be a Highlander. I am very thankful to finally be a part of the Upland family full time. I am really looking forward to working with the students, faculty, staff, and community for many, many years."