Upland High School

James Miura

UTV-Video Production-Graphic Design

These courses are designed to provide experiences working in various elements of electronic media. Students work with professional technology and learn how to design graphics, produce video, and develop qualities required for professional and higher academic environments. Additionally, our students have a unique opportunity to run their own television station (UTV)  that airs to over 70,00 homes in the Upland, Ontario, and Montclair communities.  

J & B Show Classwork Halloween Anchors.jpg Boby on Audio.JPG Camera Crew.jpg studio 3.jpg studio.jpg studio2.jpg Halloween Intro.jpg Highlander Wall.jpg Control Room.jpg Halloween Show Behind the Scenes.jpg Jordan and Stevi Hosting.jpg Lights.jpg Take 1.jpg Production Crew.jpg Sheen and Michael on Sports.jpg Hypnotist 012.jpg Winter Holiday Show Behind the Scenes.JPG Hypnotist 034.jpg Winter Holiday Show Camera.JPG Hypnotist 073.jpg Control Room.jpg Halloween Show Behind the Scenes.jpg Lights.jpg Production Crew.jpg Show Planning.jpg Chris Park.jpg Sports Segment.jpg Take 1.jpg Stevi on Camera.jpg Studio Cameras.jpg UTV Costumes.jpg Studio Group Pic.jpg DSC_9463.JPG IMG_0324.JPG DSC_9561.JPG DSC_9296.JPG DSC_9748.JPG DSC_9583.JPG DSC_9602.JPG IMG_0343.JPG IMG_0581.JPG IMG_0599.JPG IMG_0872.JPG IMG_0874.JPG IMG_0886.jpg IMG_0880.JPG State of the City Pix 022.JPG State of the City Pix 054.JPG State of the City Pix 036.JPG UTV Production Students Honored at the City Council State of the City Pix 027.JPG


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James Miura Locker

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