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By: Tallise Gaston, Zachary McConnell, and Nicholas Nava, The Plaid staff writers

       U-High students met with the looming image of their futures head-on this week, during our first annual college and career day. The day held a plethora of events, ranging from workshops to practice tests, each with the intent of having everyone involved in some form of preparations for his or her future. At the conclusion of the events, the day proved to a fairly successful one.

       Initially, the idea of college day for seniors sprouted from an AVID workshop, during which the American College Campaign promoted its intentions of college-preparation. Spanish and AVID teacher Mrs. Hogan, who played a large role in the implication of this event said, “[they] asked about twenty different schools, but most wanted to wait.”

       003.JPG Once Upland decided to host the event, the senior-specific-event day quickly developed to a school-wide college and career day, which included a series of UNITY events for freshmen, workshops for juniors and seniors and most profoundly, a much larger opportunity to take the PSAT. “All sophomores are taking the PSAT, [with] 373 juniors and 182 freshmen,” said Mrs. Hogan. The entirety of college and career day was based around the idea of preparing UHS students for college. Mr. Powell, who was largely responsible for Wednesday’s events said, “We want to actually take action and put money where our words are.”

        To ensure the success of such a large-scale event, the cooperation of the teachers and staff was vital.  Teachers partook in various events such as,  UNITY, administering the PSAT,  leading a workshop, or administering the ASVAB. Hogan explained that Unity’s purpose was to, “[Introduce] the Freshman-trying to get them more unified in the school’s atmosphere.” Mr. Darrow, a math teacher, administered the PSAT. When asked his thoughts about the overall productivity of the test Darrow said, “I think it’s worthwhile to get students thinking about college.”

        Students were the basis of College and Career day, and each grade level had events for students to participate in. When asked about attending UNITY, freshman Erin Martinez said, “it prepared me to understand what’s coming up in the future.” All sophomores had the opportunity to take the PSAT, thanks to a grant and as a result, test attendance  jumped to a total of 1,475 students.

        Juniors could participate in a variety of workshops and listen to a range of speakers from local colleges. Vinnie DeFabiis, a junior who participated in some of these workshops said, “It was overall pretty helpful, [and] I did learn more about community colleges.” Seniors, who were originally the main focus of this event, had opportunities to attend various workshops, complete college applications if they met their A-G requirements, or take the ASVAB, a career-assessment test.

The events of the day proved to provide an excellent opportunity for students to start thinking about their futures. Sophomore, Caylee Park said, “Overall, [Wednesday] was organized, but it needed a few touch-ups.” Students should look forward to next year’s College and Career day.



042.jpg By: Anthony Lopez,The Plaid Sports Editor

Photography: Zachary Lopez,The Plaid Sports Photographer

     After a rough stretch of a few weeks, the Highlanders shined bright and dominated all three aspects of the game Friday night, to defeat the Damien Spartans (Damien High School). There were big plays all night from offense, defense, and special teams, making for a fun game to watch.

    The night started off with the Highlanders scoring first, on a special teams play, as sophomore #11 Taj Davis blocked a punt attempt from the Spartans. Montez Evans picked the ball up and ran it into the endzone to give the Highlanders the early lead.

    The Spartans were next to score with a touchdown mid-way through the second quarter, tying the game seven to seven.

    The next big play of the night belonged to the Highlanders special teams, again. On a Spartans’ kickoff, Upland senior #9, Artis Seymore, caught the ball at the five yard line and took it all the way home with a 95-yard kickoff return that resulted in a touchdown and put Upland back in the catbird seat, leading 14 to 7.

    To close off the first half, which was dominated by excellent play from Upland’s special teams, kicker Daniel Mojarro, scored a field goal for the Highlanders. Heading into halftime, the score was 17 to 7, with the advantage to the Highlanders.

Upland’s lead would only increase over the course of the second half.      And, just like in the first half, the Highlanders special teams once more prevailed as the dominating force behind the Highlanders success on Friday night.

    After an offensive touchdown from the Highlanders halfway through the third quarter, the score was 24 to 7. Then, late in the third, senior Gary Theard got his first interception of the game, and fourth interception of the season. Theard, who plays defensive back for the Highlanders, also earned six tackles in the game; five of which were solo tackles.

    With a minute to go in the third, the Damien Spartans scored their first, and only, field goal of the night, making the score 24 to 10.    

    The special teams group continued its dominance for Upland as the fourth quarter began. Mojarro scored his second field goal of the night increasing the Highlanders lead, now 27 to 10.

     However, Damien wasn’t going down without a fight, as they scored a touchdown with 6:25 to go in the final quarter. They were able to decrease the Highlanders lead to ten points, but, that’s the closest in reach Damien was able to get late in the game.

    With Upland’s offense back on the field, and only a few minutes left to play, the Highlanders wisely took their time driving the ball up the field. Late in the fourth, Daniel Mojarro scored his third field goal of the night, and put the icing on the cake for Upland.

    After a few last second attempts from Damien, all of which were unsuccessful, the final score from Dick Larsen Stadium was 30 to 17, and the Highlanders took home the much needed victory, improving their season record to 4 wins, and 3 losses.

    After the game, Highlanders head coach, Tim Salter, said, “The key (to the game) was that we played really hard at all three phases; offense, defense, and special teams. We were able to score two special teams touchdowns, which was huge, because the week before against Rancho, we gave up two special teams touchdowns. That was a point of emphasis this last week and the players dialed in and focused and they were able to produce. I think we played at a real fast pace. We played faster than Damien did. The kids, they put in great effort and I think that was kind of a turning point for us.”

    Throughout the entire night, there was one stark difference between the Highlanders and the Spartans. The Highlanders were sticking to a more “ground-and-pound” type offense, while the Spartans were sticking to a more “air-it-out” type offense.

Highlanders quarterback, David Baldwin, threw twelve passes, and only four were complete for 27 yards. Meanwhile, Spartans’ quarterback, Warren Bryan, was 26 for 48 on pass attempts, throwing for 334 yards.

    All of this didn’t matter though, as the Highlanders made up for it on special teams and rushing plays, along with exceptional defense. Several players rushed the ball for Upland, led by lead running back, Kyle Jones, who ran for 179 yards on 18 attempts. As a team, the Highlanders ran for 309 yards, on 41 rushes.

    Gary Theard, Montez Evans, Justin Flowe, Leonard Leau, Jaden Dedman, and Corey Thomas led the way for the Upland defense in regards to solo tackles. The amount of solo tackles earned by each player are below:

Gary Theard- 5043.JPG

Montez Evans- 8

Justin Flowe- 6

Leonard Leau- 6

Jaden Dedman- 7

Corey Thomas- 7;

Thomas also got three solo sacks

    Finally, to cap it all off for Upland, punter Joe Gallegos punted the ball four times for a whopping 160 yards, while kicker, Daniel Mojarro scored three field goals and three PAT’s, for a total of twelve points.

    Upland’s defense, running offense, and special teams stepped up to the plate Friday night and earned the victory, after losing to Rancho Cucamonga in week five. Ironically, in that game, it was Upland’s defense and special teams who didn’t meet expectations. However, that wasn’t the case on Friday, as the Highlanders took their fourth win of the season and improved their state rank to 36th.

     The Highlanders now turn their attention to Chino Hills, as the two teams will face off this upcoming Friday evening at Chino Hills High School. Kickoff will be at 7:00pm.





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You can choose to do one or both of the days.


You must get the attached permission slip signed and returned to Ms. Sage in N248 by November 4th, before 7:45. You are only able to turn permission slips in BEFORE SCHOOL (not during, and not after).


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If you would like another opportunity to earn hours this month, here is an event on October 26th:

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You must get the attached permission slip signed and returned to Ms. Sage in N248 by October 25th, before 7:45. You are only able to turn permission slips in BEFORE SCHOOL (not during, and not after).


You must return the signed Hours Verification Slip by the end of October. 


Read and follow all directions carefully.


Each month UHS celebrates staff members that go beyond and give extra to make Upland great.


Lisa Brandt and Sean Piscioneri are this month's unsung hero recipients 


Remember, you can nominate a UHS staff member for an Unsung hero award. Click the 'Unsung Hero Salute' link from the quicklinks on the left side of the UHS Website.


ATTENTION SENIORS! Are you planning on attending Chaffey Community College when you graduate from high school?  Then sign up for Chaffey’s Senior Early Assessment and get 4th day priority registration!  If you are interested in taking advantage of this great opportunity Chaffey College has to offer, then please sign up in the Career Center.  Sessions will begin spring semester and all sessions will be held at Upland High School after school.  See attached flyer for scheduled dates. 

Deadline to register is Tuesday, January 31st.

Please stop by the Career Center for more information.  


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