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By: Andrea SosaThe Plaid Staff Writer

     On October tenth,  Juniors, Sanna Johnson and Savannah Trujillo participated in the Sharkfest Swim Race at Alcatraz, the infamous prison in San Francisco, California. Known for its reputation as one of the hardest prisons to escape from, Alcatraz is located located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. The race was funded by PATHAR, a social media intelligence company, which specializes in helping its clients navigate social media and find out who and what really matters.. The purpose of the swim race was to bring awareness to health issues in  Native American culture.

Sanna Johnson and Savannah Trujillo flew to San Francisco together, without their family on October 2nd and were meant to swim October 10th. The normal age group of the race participants was from the late thirties to the fifties, which made the girls the youngest of the group.                                                                    

     Sanna and Savannah wanted to participate in this race when Sanna’s mom, a Native American, saw the ad for the race on tv. She told the girls and they immediately became very interested. The water was at a 50 degree temp but that didn't stop them. Savannah Trujillo said, “It was fun and a new experience. I would definitely go back.”          The race took a lot of preparation and both girls knew it would be long and tiring, but they were more than ready to participate. In order to prepare for this race, Sanna Johnson said, “I went on a no carb diet. No sugar. Everything was proportioned and I had to eat a bag of salad with each meal.”  According to both girls, the diet was the hardest part of the preparations that went into readying them to do well in the swim.

     Sanna said, “It was very scary and unexpected to see real-life animals in the ocean because I've never been in open water swimming. I was afraid I was going to get eaten by a shark.” On the day of the swim, Trujillo said, “I woke up at 4:00 to get ready and at 5:45 I started swimming.” Despite the difficulty of the challenge, the girls were eager to bring awareness to the cause that they came there for. So, getting up early and the very cold temperature of the waters did not stop them.

     Both girls want to go back and are also very interested in swimming the Golden Gate Bridge. It is not a funded race itself, but they know a someone who can take them out on a boat, in order to swim from one side to the other. Johnson and Trujillo are also interested in bringing along more people with them to participate in this amazing experience.


By: Destinee Mondragon, The Plaid Staff Writer &

Nicoletta Domicolo, The Plaid Staff Photographer

    The Boys’ Varsity Soccer team has seen many changes to the team, such as a new coach, new team members and high expectations for the 2016 season. The team consists of eleven seniors, eight juniors, four sophomores, and two freshman. The new coach or rather. returning coach, Mr. Diaz, actually coached the team from 1994 to 2004. Diaz then coached the Girls’ Varsity team, from 2006 to 2016. Now, Diaz is back and taking on the role of the main coach. His efforts seem to be paying off as the Highlanders beat the Esperanza Aztecs 2-0.

   In Diaz’s opinion, the team’s biggest strength is its comradery and how it really comes together as a team. Diaz said,“The boys have all put the team’s needs first and they work and fight for one another.” The aspect that Mr. Diaz would like to work on this season is, “Getting used to the new system and coaching staff.” Mr. Diaz also said that another goal for him is to see the team become even more unified, play attractive possession-style soccer, really come together as a unit, and make sure the boys to enjoy themselves in the process. When asked which school would be their biggest competition. Diaz said, “The whole Baseline League is very competitive and all six teams are quality-sized and not easy. It will take a lot of work from the team but I know the boys will put in all the effort needed to win the games.”

    The two varsity captains are Senior, Tyler Schrock and Junior, Isaac Balderrama. Captain Tyler Schrock has been part of the soccer team for all four years of high school and this is his second year as team captain. When asked how he feels about this season’s changes he said, “I feel like Coach Diaz has changed our old tactics and put more discipline into the team and I see these changes in a positive way, leading the team to success.” Schrock’s goals for his second year as captain are to make everyone better as a team and to follow previous captains’ footsteps with great leadership. In his opinion, the team’s biggest competition would be Damien High School.

    Captain Isaac Balderrama has been on the soccer team for three years, and this is his first year being a captain. His goals as captain this year are, “I want to get far with the team and make it CIF finals. I want to the team to be champions and nothing less.” Balderrama believes that their biggest competition would be Damien or Chino Hills.

    The boys’ first game of the season was on November 28, against the Esperanza Aztecs. Upland took the win, with a score of 2-0. The Upland boys had possession of the ball most of the time in the first half, with a great defense. Schrock showed his impressive skills and demonstrated possessive-style soccer against the Aztecs’ captain, Robbie Newberry. The Aztecs could not keep Upland’s offense away, with Schrock making the first goal, at minute 35 of the game and proving that he is a threat, no matter where he is on the field.

    The second half of the game was intense with the Aztecs’ desperation to score and the Highlanders’ efforts to keep the upper hand. The Highlanders’ defense was maintained by Senior defender, Chase Hargrove, keeping the Aztecs away from the goal. Upland’s offense really came alive in the second half, with Senior, Joaquin Jaime making a cross-shot at minute 65. Despite Jaime’s best efforts, he narrowly missed making the goal. Ali Khalil made an incredible save for the Highlanders, with a 360 spin, taking the ball away from an Aztec offender. Jaime scored the second goal of the game incredibly, at minute 75, against two Aztec defenders, ending the game with an Upland win.


By: Zach Triay, The Plaid Staff Writer

       On November 17th, Upland High School hosted its first ever “Chili Cook-Off”for teachers and staff. As a bonding activity initiated by Principal Salgado, teachers and staff were invited to bring their chili submissions, as well as sample the various chilis. Voting took place after participants had a chance to taste all of the chili submissions. There were various types of chili, with many different levels of spiciness. In the end, the winner of the first “Upland High Chilli Cook-off” was Mrs. Vickers.

       Mrs. Connor, organizer of the event, explained why the chili cook-off was started when she said, “The idea came from Art McCain and Pam Salgado, the new principal, as a way to bring our staff together.” Due to the success of the first chili cook-off, when asked if there will be another one next year, Mrs. Connor said, “Yes. We plan on it being annual.” Mrs. Connor had also mentioned her favorite chili was Chili Con Carne.

       Mrs. Vickers, the winner of the cook-off, received a trophy, which resembled a chili bowl. When asked why she participated in the event, Mrs. Vickers said, “I wanted to use my mother’s chili recipe that she [my mother] had won with [too].” As the reigning champion of Upland High School’s chili cook-off, Vickers plans to participate next year as well.




elizabethan dinner
Upland High School Choral Music Department proudly presents the thirtieth annual Elizabethan Dinner Show.


See the attached flyer for more details.


Make Up Yearbook Picture Day for Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors will be on Thursday, December 8th, in the Lower Library.   More information to follow.


Hello Highlanders:


As you know we have had an exciting and wonderful start to our new year, however we need to finish strong. Many of you have had wonderful attendance and for that we thank you; but some of you are not doing so well and will need to change immediately! Allow this to serve as a reminder that in order to participate in activities, your student status must be in good standing.


All privileges are subject to be revoked if the following conditions are not met.


All students must have acceptable attendance for the quarter. Acceptable attendance will be no more than 2 unexcused absences and no more than 5 tardies for the quarter. The quarter ends December 22, 2016. If a student has any unserved Saturday Schools, they are automatically ineligible to participate in school activities until all Saturday Schools are served. A student may only purchase a ticket to a dance after all of their Saturday Schools have been served.


Dances are coming up quick and we just wanted to give you an opportunity to correct your attendance on your own. Also if you were suspended for any reason during the 2nd quarter (October 21-Dec 21st) you are ineligible to participate in any dance for that quarter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Chavez (Ext 336) or Mr. Rogers ( Ext 310) in the Discipline office.


Dates to keep in mind:


February 10th -Senior Ball

Tickets will go on sale December 19 for students who qualify.


Powder Puff/ Backwards Dance- March 16th-17th


April 29th – Prom


June 8th – Graduation


Remember: It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with attendance issues.



Saturday School Schedule

2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

September            10, 17, 24
October 1, 8, 15, 22
November            5, 12
December            3, 10, 17
January 14, 21, 28
February 4, 11, 25
March 4, 11, 18
April 8, 15, 22, 29
May 6, 13, 20, 27
June 3

BSUPeople have been asking, what is the purpose of a Black Student Union? The BSU of Upland High School is an organization, whose primary concern and function is to assist students in their educational endeavors. Realizing that students have needs outside the educational institutions, the Black Student Union attempts to provide supportive services, which may or may not be directly educationally related, yet equally important to the educational experience. The Black Student Union also attempts to raise the level of consciousness and awareness of the student body as well as the schools administrators in the areas of black concerns. The Black Student Union also serves as a liaison between the community and the high school. Some of our goals include but not limited to: Providing scholarship money for seniors, assist in paying for senior applications and or SAT/ACT tests for any active member, pay for future events, hardships and so much more. The success of your BSU will depend completely on you. Are you ready?


How do you join?

All you need to do is come to a meeting and get involved!!! Meetings are every Thursday from 3-30pm in room D135.

President is Alexis Stallworth (Senior)

Advisor: Dwight Rogers (Director of Discipline and Attendance)

Anyone is welcome to join; however how active you are is up to you.

Hope to see you there!


There is a new activity through the elementary schools, being hosted at Barnes and Noble, called Young Authors Night. Detail are below, however:

 *only eight volunteers are needed (the first 8 permission slips I receive)

 * you must stay the ENTIRE TIME

 *you MUST commit to going if you turn in a permission slip. Otherwise, you need to give Ms. Sage 24 hours notice in order to allow another student to take your place.


What: Young Authors Night

Where: Barnes and Noble (Montclair)

When: December 7th, 4:00 - 8:30 pm


You will be helping out Mrs. Caney from Foothill Knolls:

  • helping primary students at the microphone reading their story
  • passing out certificates, 
  • photographing each young author with their family
  • helping at the front table passing out flyers and directing families to our area

You must get the attached permission slip signed and returned to Ms. Sage in N248 by WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 6TH, BY 7:45 am. You are only able to turn permission slips in BEFORE SCHOOL (not during, and not after). You can also turn them in to the front office and they will time stamp it and put it in my mailbox. The time stamp must register BEFORE 7:45.


You must return the signed Hours Verification Slip by the end of December (before Winter Break).


Read and follow all directions carefully.


PTSA will be collecting items for the Food Drive  from November 29 – December 8th.

Any nonperishable items (can goods, boxes, bag, etc.) can be donated and dropped in the donation boxes around campus.  YOU and your classroom can also participate and create a “Box of Love”  Thanks for participating and “Thanks  For Giving”! 


Here are some suggested items to donate:


Cans of Meat (tuna, chicken, chili, beef)             

Canned soups

Spaghetti or Spaghetti sauce                                  

Top Ramen or Cup of  Noodles

Vegetables and fruit or fruit cups                             

Rice (1lb. bags)

Macaroni & Cheese or pasta meals                     

Beans – pinto, black, or red

Oatmeal or Cereal                                               

Juice – boxes, Capri Sun

Instant mashed potatoes                                              

Granola Bars

Peanut butter  (PLASTIC containers only) 



Note: These items are for "Box of Love and not intended as Thanksgiving dinners


Grad Night will be at Disneyland on June 14th, 2017.  The following are the scheduled sale dates and prices. Sales will be in the student store.

Jan 13th, & 27th ($110, cash or check and $115/credit card)

Feb 10th, & 24th ($130 cash or check and $135/credit card)

March 10th, 24th (March is $150 cash or check and $155/credit card)



Upland Elementary is hosting a "Winter Fiesta" and would like some CSF volunteers. If you are interested, details are below.


What: Winter Fiesta

Where: Upland Elementary School

When: December 9th, 6 - 8 pm


You must get the attached permission slip signed and returned to Ms. Sage in N248 by WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7TH, BY 7:45 am. You are only able to turn permission slips in BEFORE SCHOOL (not during, and not after). You can also turn them in to the front office and they will time stamp it and put it in my mailbox. The time stamp must register BEFORE 7:45.


You must return the signed Hours Verification Slip by the end of December (before Winter Break).


Read and follow all directions carefully.


Please see the attached pdf flyer detailing all the graduation gear available


If you would like to help the PTSA hand out "Holiday Baskets" to families in the community, your opportunity is listed below.


What: Holiday Baskets

When: December 10th, 7:30 - 11:30 am

Where: UHS Cafeteria



You must get the attached permission slip signed and returned to Ms. Sage in N248 by FRIDAY DECEMBER 9TH, BY 7:45 am. You are only able to turn permission slips in BEFORE SCHOOL (not during, and not after).


You must return the signed Hours Verification Slip by the end of December (before Winter Break).


Read and follow all directions carefully.


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