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There are many opportunities to be part of clubs at UHS. Please feel free to contact the Club Advisor or President about the club or stop by during the club's scheduled meeting times.

Club Name

Club Purpose

Meeting Times and Dates



African-American Culture Club

Empowering students with the knowledge of African-American culture, history and education

Fridays @ 3:15 in room H185

Kiana Sailor

Mr. Lander

Animation Club

Educate  those interested in animation arts

Thursdays@2:25-4:00 in N259

Michael Garcia

Mr. Miura

Anime Fanatics

People who share the same interest can have a place to talk and communicate

Every Friday @2:50 in J220

Salvador Sanchez

Ms. Gallan

ABC: Anti-Bullying Club

To peacefully combat acts of bullying and to create a safe environment for the students of UHS

1st Friday of each month during 2nd lunch in K240

Christopher Cruz

Mr. Armstrong

Art and Architecture Club

To raise money for an Art History field trip

Every second Monday of the month afterschool in G180

Nicolas Landeros

Madame Oyler

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

to foster high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship on the part of students of the senior high schools of California

Tuesdays each month @2:45 in the lower library; specific dates TBA

Vivien Hoang

Mr. Schrodetzki


Campus Environmental Club

To clean up the school and the environment

Wednesdays @ 2:00 in room F160.

Nicolas Landeros

Ms. McAdams

Chemistry Club

Tutor students in chemistry and develop chemistry experiments

Every Wednesday @1:40-2:40 in H183

Shih-Jing Yao

Mr. Schrodetzki

Chess Club

To promote chess on campus

Every Wednesday 2nd lunch in H189

Jacoby Siregar

Mr. Geller


Club Disney

Fans of Disney can watch movie clips, do volunteer work, have guest speakers from the Disney company

Every other Friday @2:40 in D127

Jacqueline Huang

Mr. Hodgin

Coffeehouse Club

To allow individuals to discuss different novels with others

2nd and 4th Friday of every month @2:40 in room F152

Milan Carter

Bob Hopwood

Culture Club

To provide a safe, welcoming environment for students to share aspects of their culture for others to enjoy; to enrichen lives

Fridays @2:45-3:15 in F147

Teofanny Saragi

Mr. McCanne

Engineering Club

To invent new item and enter in engineering competitions

Tuesdays in N254 after school

Jake Scruggs

Mr. Hutchings

FIDM Fashion Club

To bring fashion to Upland High life

First and Last Thursday of the month @3-4 in G170

Destiny Cuertas

Ms. Sabath

French Club

To take part in French culture; to learn French

Every other Tuesday @ 2:45- 3:30 in  G182

Gabriela Rubio

Madame Domonoske

Frisbee Club

To play Frisbee, to have fun and meet new people

Thursdays @3-4 in the quad

Anthony Grant

Mr. Whieldon

Fun Run Club

To involve students in unique events such as color runs, mud runs and zombie runs as a way to express healthiness and happiness

Once a month on a Monday after school in F152

Sonya Alcocer

Mr. Hopwood

Future Business Leaders of America

To promote entrepreneurship and to develop business skills

Every 1st Tue of the month in G165 after school

Christopher Cruz

Ms. Robertson

Future Medical Students of America

For students to pursue the medical field

Every other Tuesday after school in F152

David Mgeryan

Mr. Hopwood

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Provide and safe/ accepting place for LGBT students and supporters; to promote acceptance

Tuesdays @3 in J221

Melissa Johnston

Mr. Piscioneri

Global Aid

Recycle plastics from each class for donation

Every Monday and Friday @2:40 in C110

Arfi Oktavianti and Gabe Parra

Ms. Lubarsky


Perform and entertain audiences through dance and boost spirit of the school


An Le

Ms. Brandt, Ms. Brooks, Mr. Miura,

Club Name

Club Purpose

Meeting Times and Days




To promote health careers education for secondary and post-secondary students

3rd Tuesday of the month in K226

Marrissa Wollenzier

Ms. Sliney, Ms. Skaggs

Interact Club

To give back to the community through volunteer work

Tuesdays @2:40 in G174

Milan Carter

Mr. Adams

Key Club

To provide community service

Thursdays after school in cafeteria

Kayla Yamada

Mrs. Skaggs

Kids for the Cure

Make gift baskets for Loma Linda Children’s Hospital

1st and 3rd Friday of every month @ 3 in F152

Marisa Hopwood

Mr. Hopwood


To show importance of the Latin culture and to volunteer in the community

Thursdays @2:50 in C111

Sabrina Barrios and Edlyn Muñoz

Mr. Levi and Mr. Currasco

MSA (Muslim Student Association)

To inform people about the religion

Wednesdays @1:40 in F149

Serene Koudsi

Ms. Dorn

National Honor Society

To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character

Every other Friday @7:15 AM in K234

Hannah Lundberg

Mr. Easton

Mrs. Bennett

Mr. Darrow


National Technical Honor Society

To promote ideals of honesty, service and leadership

Calendar of meetings available after 1st quarter

Isabella George

Ms. Sliney

Mrs. Coulter,

Mr. Lander

Nerd Club

For nerds and geeks to socialize in a safe environment

Fridays @2:40-4  in D133

Zack McLees

Mr. Chiang

Next Generation

To bring together people who are open to or share a love of Korean music and culture

Every Tuesday and every other Thursday @3:00 in F147

Echo Carbullido

Mr. McCanne

Phileo Christian Club

To create a strong Christian community at UHS

Thursdays @2:50-3:45 in F151

Bethany Ho

Mrs. Edmundson

Physics Club

Tutoring physics and promoting physics on campus

Wednesdays during second lunch in H189

Charleen Tan

Mr. Geller

Polynesian Club

To learn about the Polynesian Culture

2:40 PM on Mondays and 3 PM on Wednesdays

In G174

Ana Lokotui

Mr. Adams

Pretentious Painter’s Club

To discuss art, music, and movies

Every Tuesday @3-4:30 in N257

Kirsten Durazo

Mr. Nyberg

Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Club

To exhibit, to encourage, to inspire kindness

First and Third Thursday of each month @ 3-4 in G180

Kendall Peel

Madame Oyler

Rock n’ Roll History

To further students’ interests in rock n’ roll music

Twice a month on Thursdays @ 2:50

Daniel Lundgren

Mr. Brooks

Scrabble Club

To meet new friends while learning vocabulary and to have fun

Tuesdays @2:40- 3:40 in K225

Shih-Jing Yao

Mr. Whieldon

Table-Tennis Club

To play table tennis

Every Wednesday and Friday @ 3-5 in K240

Larry Zhou

Mr. Armstrong


To celebrate and show love for the arts

Wednesdays@1:45 and Fridays

Sarah Situmorang

Mr. Schrodetzki

The Cure

To spread cancer awareness, raise money for organizations and be a support group for others

Once a week in H195

Hanna Medrano

Ms. Moller

Torque Club

To promote engineering at UHS

Every Wednesday second lunch in H189

Olivia Watkins

Mr. Geller


Video Club

To support video production and teach about cinematography

Every Friday @3-4 in N249

Jamie Hyun

Mr. Miura

Writer’s Block

To help aspiring writers

Every Tuesday @ 3-4 in room F160

Raymond Medel

Ms. McAdams

Yoga Club

To introduce UHS students to yoga

Thursdays @ 2:45 in H183

Jessica Magarea

Mr. Schrodetzki

Zoobot Club

To celebrate plants and animals

Every Thursday @2:40 in K228

Audrey Varo Garcia

Mr. Weatherell