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All athletes must be cleared to participate in athletics. Athletes and parents will need to complete the registration packet online.


Gibson, Amy Staff
McCarthy, Mia Staff
McNally, John (909) 949-7880 ex.320 Athletic Director
Morin, Jimmy Staff

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Athletic Information

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2015-16 Athletics Data

Total students at UHS:  
Males 1652
Females 1647


Number of students in athletics:  
Males 660
Females 361


Gender Sport Season Number
Male Football Varsity Fall 73
Male Football JV Fall 68
Male Football Freshmen Fall 58
Male Volleyball Varisty Fall 15
Male Volleyball JV Fall 12
Male Volleyball Freshman Fall 12
Male Cross Country Var. Fall 7
Male Cross Country JV Fall 15
Female Cross Country Var. Fall 7
Female Cross Country JV Fall 16
Male Water Polo Var. Fall 13
Male Water Polo JV Fall 10
Male Water Polo Fr. Fall 15
Female Tennis Varsity Fall 14
Female Tennis JV Fall 22
Male Basketball Varsity Winter 14
Male Basketball JV Winter 12
Male Basketball Fr. Winter 13
Female Basketball Varsity Winter 12
Female Basketball JV Winter 12
Female Basketball Fr. Winter 13
Male Soccer Varsity Winter 25
Male Soccer JV Winter 22
Male Soccer Fr. Winter 21
Female Soccer Varsity Winter 26
Female Soccer JV Winter 21
Female Soccer Fr. Winter 20
Female Wrestling Varsity Winter 1
Male Wrestling Varsity Winter 11
Male Wrestling JV Winter 22
Female Water Polo Var. Winter 14
Female Water Polo JV Winter 11
Female Water Polo Fr. Winter 16
Male Baseball Varsity Spring 21
Male Baseball JV Spring 18
Male Baseball Fr. Spring 17
Female Softball Varsity Spring 19
Female Softball JV Spring 11
Female Softball Fr. Spring 14
Male Golf Varsity Spring 5
Female Golf Varsity Spring 5
Male Track Varsity Spring 30
Male Track JV Spring 53
Female Track Varsity Spring 20
Female Track JV Spring 40
Male Swimming Varsity Spring 18
Male Swimming JV Spring 21
Female Swimming Varsity Spring 12
Female Swimming JV Spring 35
Male Tennis Varsity Spring 15
Male Tennis JV Spring 24