Upland High School

Student Art Work

The Book Series

From the beginning of time, the book has been a way in which culture has preserved its ideas and values for scholars and those interested in the concepts therein.

The  Book series is a collection of ideas, thoughts, images, poems, sketchs, drawings and painted works that express the thoughts , feelings and emotions of Advanced Placement students here at the school.

The "books" are recycled and acted as a jumping point for the student to then add and change the content to a more personal and exploratory nature. The contents are often ideas that might  be developed in major pieces and act as a way for students to get in touch with themselves in a manner that can show development in an aesthetic sense.


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One More Time by Megan Gilbertson

DSC00518.JPG DSC00520.JPG DSC00521.JPG DSC00522.JPG DSC00523.JPG DSC00524.JPG DSC00519.JPG

Elements of Botany

DSC00512.JPG DSC00513.JPG DSC00514.JPG DSC00586.JPG DSC00515.JPG DSC00516.JPG DSC00517.JPG


DSC00488.JPG DSC00489.JPG DSC00490.JPG DSC00491.JPG DSC00492.JPG DSC00493.JPG DSC00494.JPG DSC00495.JPG DSC00496.JPG DSC00497.JPG DSC00498.JPG DSC00499.JPG DSC00500.JPG DSC00501.JPG DSC00502.JPG DSC00503.JPG DSC00504.JPG DSC00505.JPG DSC00506.JPG DSC00507.JPG DSC00508.JPG DSC00509.JPG DSC00510.JPG DSC00511.JPG DSC00488.JPG
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Advanced Placement Studio Art Works

In the first semester, students use a variety of media and approaches to explore a breadth of  experiences in the Art Studio program. The students are often expanding techniques in new ways to show their competence of materials and their usage.

The Advanced  Placement Portfolio is a place where these and other works go to show the students diversity in the sense of studio practices they have mastered.

We hope you enjoy this portfolio of work and will furthur investigate and suport the visual arts not only in your own lives but in our community at large. On behalf of the students and faculty, we thank you for your support!

Samantha T-Still Life Study No.1- Colored pencil 18x24"

Samantha T-Still Life Study No.1- Colored pencil 18x24

Samantha T-Vanishing Point-Pencil


Samantha Tanori-Still Life study No. 2-Pencil

Samantha Tanori-Still Life study No. 2-Pencil

Samantha Tanori-Nature drawing-water color

Samantha Tanori-Nature drawing-water color

Samantha Tanori-Drawing from a picture-pencil

Samantha Tanori-Drawing from a picture-pencil

Fallen Wishes

Artist: Xiao Li W.

Media: Digital Painting/Corel Painter


A Study of History

artist: tim r

media: colored pencil

size: 18" x 24"


Napoleon Under Fire

artist: tim r

media: oil pastel

War Machines

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artist: tim r

media: oil pastel


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The Landscape Artist

artist: tim r

media: ball-point pen

size: 18" x 24"

Tim Rotolo.JPG

Violation of a masterpiece-Nicholas 18x24 Mixed media on paper


45 min still life drawing

still life sketch in graphite


hand image thing


By: Suzanne

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions: 18x24


"The Swing"

By: Suzanne

Medium: Colored Pencil

Dimensions: 18x24


Violation of a Masterpiece / Charcoal and Graphite / Maxwell


Congested / Acrylic / Maxwell


Acrylic Paint / Maxwell


This woman wears iguanas on  her head. They are her crowning glory.  /  Ink / Maxwell


Alex D.

Title: True Love

Media: Colored Pencils, Paint

Size: 18x24


Alex D.

Title: Altered Self Portrait

Media: Colored Pencils

Size: 18x24


Degas Violation

Allyson F.

Violation of The Star

colored pencil and pastel pencil



still life

Allyson F.

Still Life with Fruit

graphite pencil and charcoal



life drawing

Allyson F.

Life Drawing Sketch

Pencil and Charcoal



Megan G Concentration

Megan G Concentration

Megan G Concentration

Megan G Concentration

Megan G Concentration


Megan G

Megan G

Self Portrait by Megan G.


Self Portrait (Mood) by Megan G.

megan 6.JPG

By Reina G

By Reina G

By Reina G

By Reina G

Reina G


Kristian J, violating a masterpeice: la bohemienne endormie

Medium: colored pencil

Demensions: 19x24


Self Portrait by Yvette O.

acrylic paint.

Princess perfume

Princess perfume

Self Portait by Yvette O.

black and white charcoal pencils on gray paper



Name: Shannon

Type: Color pencil



Sami P.- Violation of a Masterpiece - Color Pencil - 18x24


Sami P. Self portrait-Water Color 11x14"


Bust (45 minute study)

samara 2.JPG

Self Portrait representing mood (by Samara)

samara schubel.JPG

self portrait representing mood

By: Ellen T.

acrylic paint

12 x 16 inches


Van Gogh in Style (Violating a masterpeice)

By: Ellen T.

acrylic paint

18 x 24 inches



Violation : Rosie the Riveeter

Israel V.  My Violation of Masterpiece. Media I Used Was: Colored Pencil, Tempra Paint, and AcryllicPaint.


Compostion strategies: To trick the eye- Wild Cat colored pencil 18x24

kat wilder.JPG

hypocrisy of narcissism-pen and ink -Christina

hypocrisy of narcissism-pen and ink -Christina


Self Portrait


self portrait by kimberly; tempera paint