Upland High School Home




Garry Cameron, Principal
Sara Domonoske, Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction
Don Powell, Assistant Principal,

Greg Lander, Assistant Principal,


Director of Attendance and Discipline


Dwight Rogers, Grades 10 and 12



Janell Aven, 12th Grade (A-K) (Anthony Mason - substitute)
Patti Coulter12th Grade (L-Z)
Claudia Cantu, 11th Grade (A-K)
Bridget Santoyo, 11th Grade (L-Z)
Art McCain10th Grade (A-K)
Brian Chavez10th Grade (L-Z)

Monica Gullo, 9th Grade (A-K)
Marnie Simmons9th Grade (L-Z)


Other Support Staff


Donna Castelli, Business and Operations Mgr.
Diane Collins, Speech Therapist
Darlene Conner, Schoolloop
Ron Davis, Psychologist
Trevor Foglesong, Webmaster
George Hajj, School Resource Officer
Rochelle Villalobos, ELL Coordinator
Jen Martinez, Student store

John McNally, Director of Athletics
Judy Wilson, Director of Activities/ ASB