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                   Upland's Leading Lady


                 By: Caitlin Freestone, The Plaid staff writer

    Upland High’s new principal, Pamela Salgado, is bringing a new wave of positivity to the 2016-2017 school year. She gave an interview to The Plaid reporters, providing insight into her background and a few of her plans for the upcoming year.


     Her most recent position before she came to our school was as an assistant principal, at Covina High School. Many of her new responsibilities are similar to those she held as an assistant principal, but she said, “The biggest difference is that [she] is ultimately responsible”. She decided to accept the position at UHS, in order to impact more students’ lives. Being a principal allows her to better utilize her skills and talents to help a larger number of people.


     Her first impression of Upland was that there is a lot of “good people … students, parents, [and] staff”. Wishing to get to know the school and the students first, she is not planning on making many significant changes to school policy her first year. However, she has already implemented a few minor changes, to benefit the campus and provide the most opportunities for students. She said, “I think it’s really important for the administration to know the students [... to help] ensure students feel comfortable on campus”. She has been responsible for building the racks for scooter and skateboard storage, as well as members of staff greeting students in the morning, at some of the gates.


     One of the core values that Mrs. Salgado stressed was the importance of relationships. She placed an emphasis on strengthening relationships between administration, parents, students, and teachers. She said, “When you have relationships with people and you trust them… the morale just tends to improve.” Her assistant principals share her positive belief system and progressive attitude.


     Upland Highlanders offer Mrs. Salgado a very warm welcome and wish her a happy 2016-2017 school year!





Written by Anthony Lopez, Sports Editor for The Plaid

Photography by Zac Lopez, Sports writer and photographer for The Plaid


    Upland fans, players, and coaches alike, all knew that Friday night’s matchup against Mater Dei was going to be a tough game. But, nobody expected the no-contest win that Mater Dei earned. The Highlanders lost to the No. 1 ranked team in California, the Mater Dei Monarchs, 62 to 7.

    A familiar face on the Upland sideline was missing on Friday night, as Highlanders’ head coach, Tim Salter, was watching the game from home, due to a leg injury he suffered, from a fall at school last Monday. Assistant coach, Ruben Solorio, filled in as head coach.

                                            First Half Recap

    The Monarchs dominated every aspect of the game. Defense, offense, special teams, you name it; the Highlanders just couldn’t find a way around Mater Dei. So much in fact, the Highlanders offense never got into Mater Dei territory during the first half.

    By the end of the first quarter, Mater Dei was already leading 28 to 0. Upland’s defense was no match for Mater Dei’s offense, as the Monarch’s quarterback played well and basically threw the ball wherever he wanted. On the flip side, Upland’s offense struggled. Highlanders quarterback, David Baldwin, only completed a handful of passes. Underthrown passes and constant pressure from the Monarchs combined to make the night hard for Upland’s offense.

    Mater Dei’s dominance continued throughout the entire first half, and by halftime, the score was already 56 to 0. Upland was now playing for pride, knowing the win was pretty much out of reach.


                                        Second Half Recap

    Fans from both sides got a break during the third quarter, as there was no scoring. Mater Dei opened up the final quarter of the game to score once more, and pushed the score up to 62 to 0. Mater Dei brought out its second and third string offenses and defenses to finish out the game.

    It wasn’t a complete shutout however, as Upland finally crossed into Mater Dei territory in the closing minutes of the game. Going against the Monarchs’ defense, the Highlanders marched up the field and found itself in the red zone. After a few valiant tries, quarterback, David Baldwin, ran a QB sneak for a touchdown.

    Although Mater Dei demonstrated why it was No. 1 in California, Upland showed that they have pride, desire, and above all, heart. The final score from Santa Ana Stadium was 62 to 7, and Mater Dei continued its winning streak against the Highlanders.

The Highlanders’ next game is this Friday night, at 7:00pm. They will be playing Great Oak (Temecula, CA) and the game will be held at the Upland Highlanders stadium.




Monday, September 26th

-3rd period: Azusa Pacific University

Wednesday, September 28th

-2nd period: Biola University

Thursday, September 29

-1st period: USC

-3rd period: Mills College


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Chino Hills High School will be hosting a district wide college fair and you are all invited!  There will be over 60 Community Colleges, Universities, Cal State's, Private Colleges and Military.

The fair will be Monday, October 3, 2016 from 6:00PM-8:00PM.


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